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Impaired Driving is No Joke Dec 05, 2022

This post was written by a CSUCI student.

Every day I have the fear of someone driving under the influence causing a collision with either myself, family, or friends. Everyday there is someone out there who does not think twice about getting into their car high or drunk and speeding away without a care in the world. I fear not only for myself but for my sisters and father as well. Knowing both...

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Hidden Dangers of Turning Away Nov 28, 2022

Essay and artwork by a BRITE youth spokesperson.

I have never been pressured to vape before.     

I am lucky enough to say that I was raised in a household where my mom was always making sure I was safe and happy. However, I know this isn’t the case for many others.  

Vaping has always been a prevalent problem at my school and community. So often I would...

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Fentanyl and Fake Pills Nov 21, 2022

The following information is from the Ventura County Responds website which was created to respond to the opioid crisis. In Ventura County, more than 200 people die each year from opioid overdoses. Prescription painkiller abuse, fentanyl and fake pills, and rising opioid overdoses are part of a nationwide crisis. Visit the website here to learn the signs of overdose and...

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You Are Not Alone Nov 16, 2022

This post was written by a CSUCI student.

I cannot remember the first time I had a panic attack, but I do remember the most recent panic attack I had. Being a senior in college has brought a lot of stress to me because not only is it my last semester but having to think about grad school and what you are doing after graduation is stressful. There are times I catch myself wanting to give up and...

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Mountains Nov 15, 2022

Written by a BRITE young adult spokesperson.

I think that everyone has a story that they have to tell, no matter their age, gender, or experiences in their life. Some stories are positive in all of their aspects, while others have more steps than others that have varying degrees of feelings. I can compare it to a mountainous landscape, full of valleys and peaks; some have flowers, others are...

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On My Side of the Road Nov 15, 2022

Written by Alexis Shumack, a young adult.

“Just stay on your side of the road. Don’t look at the other cars, Lex. Just keep looking forward.”

In the last few months, my dad has been teaching me how to drive. I have this habit, however, of freaking out (a little) whenever another car comes tearing up the other side of the road. I shall paint you a picture:

I am jamming to Lizzo...

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Sunflower Nov 15, 2022

Written by a BRITE young adult spokesperson.

You are your father’s child.

Half of him and your mother.

He watched you become the woman you are today.

She helped groom the woman that now stands before them.

Mommy’s little gem.

Daddy’s little sunshine.

They both saw greatness in you.

You are the product of their love.

Their greatest treasure.

She took her time in raising you.


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Color Nov 15, 2022

Written by a BRITE young adult spokesperson.

With a world covered in grey,

A heart filled with rage,

I am the flower.

I am the flower in the garden.

The one that was chosen,

Fully blossomed, I stand tall.

Proudly on my own.

With no hand to hold.

I am the flower.

I may not be as needed as the trees.

That’ll give human air;

Just for them to ungratefully breathe.

I am not as small as the...

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Isolation Nov 15, 2022

Written by a BRITE young adult spokesperson.

Aren’t you tired of the isolation?

The running, hiding

Aren’t you tired of the constant battle between your present and your happiness?

What happens when you run out of fuel and you’re no longer useful in this sick game of reminiscence?

You need to allow yourself to glow.

To grow.

The past is a place of reference

So why do you still...

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From Disconnected to Finding Inner Beauty Nov 15, 2022

Written by a BRITE young adult spokesperson.

In primary school, we were practicing for a school play and I remember there was a guy that didn’t want to play his role because it meant being alongside me. I never knew what the issue was but that day after school I went home and cried because I felt that something was wrong with me. My mom saw me, and she asked what had happened and I just...

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The Broken Clock Nov 09, 2022

Written by a Frontier High School student. Artwork by a Medea Creek Middle School student.

The timeloop. Two souls, Rachel and Ian, were trapped in an endless cycle of fear and confusion. They would wake up in a room with a countdown of 1 hour. They would have to find the answer out of the room to escape wherever they were trapped; the only issue is they would never get to the end. They...

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Underage & Binge Drinking: Keeping Youth Safe Oct 26, 2022

October is the month of Halloween, which means costumes, spooky decorations, and parties. Celebrating with food and drink. Pumpkins. Candy. Alcohol. Teens will go out and celebrate with friends, and may be peer pressured to drink alcohol. It’s a good time to set some house rules and responsibilities, and talk to your kids about how to say no when offered alcohol, and what to do...

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