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How Did This All Begin? May 30, 2024

The testimony of a person incarcerated. 

By an anonymous writer from jail, 32 years of age.

How did this all begin? That is probably the hardest question anyone has ever asked me. The easy answer is truly just an excuse. You see, I’m writing this response from jail where I’ve been living for the last four months. 

Being incarcerated might seem normal to some but not for...

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Numb and Spaced Out Nov 22, 2023

Content warning: this post contains a brief mention of domestic violence as well as drug use.

Written by a Ventura County young adult.

Throughout my life I always told myself I would never try or be peer pressured into using any type of drugs or alcohol. My story began when I met an ex of mine. I was super head over heels, and in that moment I would have done just about anything for...

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Drug Abuse Apr 06, 2023

Written by a CSUCI student.

Drug abuse is a serious issue that affects individuals and families all around the world. It's a problem that can quickly spiral out of control and result in tragic consequences. It seems harmless and looks like a good time at first, but the risks are extremely high. Unfortunately, I lost a friend from high school in Ventura County who overdosed on heroin and...

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