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The Types Of People I Met in High School and What They Taught Me Jun 10, 2022

By Olivea Herrera, one of our Young Adult Guest Bloggers

I learned many things throughout high school, and all the way up until graduation. School in itself taught me to keep composure when the system was failing its students. It taught me to be even stronger when they didn’t do anything about things that really upset the students. Yet, that is not the topic. It could be a topic for a...

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Bullying and LGBTQ+ Youth Apr 27, 2022

The above quote is from a member of Balboa Middle School’s Gay Straight Alliance, discussing bullying and being singled out for his appearance.

It’s possible that bullying has existed as long as humans have lived in groups. Perhaps it is our domineering, competitive nature that drives some to want power over and adoration from others. It seems like we are forever in one of three...

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Bullying Mar 24, 2022

Written by a Ventura County high school student.

My experience with bullying is not a pleasant experience, like most bullying incidents. I was bullied from first grade to fourth grade by the same girl. Every day I would think that it would stop, but it didn’t. 

At first, we were friends. We were table partners in the same class in first grade and we clicked fast. We ate the crappy...

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