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Running for Mental Health May 24, 2023

By Vivian Blancarte, a CSUCI student.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was training for a marathon and would always post his run stats, sometimes running anywhere from 10-18 miles. I remember one day asking, “Why do you do that to yourself?” He simply replied, “Because I love it.” But what is there to love about putting your body through all that discomfort, I...

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Sobriety and Fitness Mar 24, 2023

Ditch the booze and grab some chalk!

Written by Tristan Miler, a CSUCI student.  

Dehydrated. Nauseous. Regretful. Defeated.

Those words can be used to describe a morning wake-up following a night of alcohol consumption. Alcohol is toxic to your body and requires detoxification via your liver. This stress encumbers not only your liver but also your entire body. Some common...

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The Health Benefits of Exercise Feb 23, 2022

Written by David Zecua, a CSU Channel Islands Service-Learning student.

Think about how you feel after you exercise. Aside from some soreness, depending on how intense the session may have been, do you generally feel better about yourself? Physical activity is often talked about as a great way to improve one’s health, and according to the CDC (2021), it has many health benefits...

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