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A black and white photo of a person wearing a black hoodie and a mask over their face that says,

Vaping Poem

addiction e-cigarettes vaping Dec 27, 2022

The following poem was written by our weekly writing group, The Green Walls Writer’s Project, in Zoom. Each person wrote a sentence about vaping and then we put them all together to form a powerful poem. 

I want to hold those sleek cool modern devices in my hand and seek comfort from the vapors

My breath becomes short as I inhale; small nails running down the length of my esophagus

A cigarette of the future; stupid, expensive, and glowing

A cloud of temporary relief, a die that determines your next feeling(s)

It wears a bright and colorful mask, with its large variety of flavors, but underneath it, it is toxic, filled with nicotine

Endless headaches and irritation, yet I can’t stop

No I don’t vape. I want to keep my soul pure