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A young person is sitting inside next to a window, reading from an open book and looks to be very engaged.

The Joy of Reading

healthy habits hobbies Oct 18, 2022

This post was written by Sofia Noriega, a Ventura County high school student.

Buying my new books makes me feel

so happy as if I was watching a beautiful

sunset. Nothing compares to how you feel

while being so excited to read a new world

in the palm of your hands. Exploring new

worlds almost as if you're traveling without

leaving. The weight of all those feelings

and experiences all in a form of one. Makes

me stay up reading till one. Smelling the

delicious breakfast freshly made, oh no,

I stayed up too late.


I lay in my bed reading. My quiet space. A

place where I feel safe and cozy. The only

thing I hear are my thoughts and the way I

am picturing the plot of the story. I close my

book, taking a break to take in what I just

read. Can love really exist like that these

days? It is something I always imagined, but

is that really a realistic dream I am having?

At the end it is always a happily ever after,

but that’s just in fantasies. I would rather escape

this crazy world and escape into my world of

many special beginnings.