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A field of bright, beautiful sunflowers bask in the sun below a clear blue sky.


resilience Nov 15, 2022

Written by a BRITE young adult spokesperson.

You are your father’s child.

Half of him and your mother.

He watched you become the woman you are today.

She helped groom the woman that now stands before them.

Mommy’s little gem.

Daddy’s little sunshine.

They both saw greatness in you.

You are the product of their love.

Their greatest treasure.

She took her time in raising you.

He took his time in teaching you.

They now stand with pride.

Swelling with happiness.

But now you stand alone with neither mom nor dad.

In a world they feared would darken their shining Gem.

But you proved them wrong and continued to shine

like the little beau they had polished daily.

Though there were days when you had rivers of tears

and sharp pains in your heart,

you continued to shine on.

Your light would never remain dull and

your optimistic heart wouldn’t stop beating.

You continued to go off and be their happiness.

You went on and found your own.

Have a little sunshine that brightens your world.