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New Online Resources from Ventura County Behavioral Health

marijuana overdose prevention resources ventura county Mar 25, 2022

As part of the Department of Ventura County Healthcare Agency, Ventura County Behavioral Health has created new online resources for teens, parents, families, and individuals within Ventura County who might be struggling with addiction, underage and binge drinking, prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse, cannabis use, mental health issues, and suicide prevention. Their website, Ventura County Limits, has many useful resources that can help parents and teens who are struggling to communicate with each other about these issues.

Here are some examples:

  • Visit MJ Fact Check to stay up to date with cannabis and kids’ health and safety. They offer several articles and statistics for parents and families regarding adolescent brain development and marijuana use, E-cigs and vape pens, IQ, ADHD and marijuana interaction, potency, edibles, and ER visits.
  • Another great local resource for underage marijuana use, How High Ventura County, has quizzes for you and your teens to take to figure out your “HighQ,” information regarding how marijuana affects teens differently than adults, video series, infographics and fact sheets, and tips for talking to teens. 
  • Ventura County Responds is a great new resource for facts about and prevention of the opioid crisis within Ventura County. You can learn about the signs of an overdose, find resources for local medication disposal, read parents’ stories, and also find help for addiction. 
  • Finally, Wellness Every Day is an excellent website for families and individuals struggling with mental health and wellness.  There are multiple articles regarding child and teen mental health, depression, anxiety, where to find local support, LGBTQ+ support within Ventura County, resources for bullying, mental health treatment services, and suicide prevention.