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A dark blue chalkboard has words written across it, including leadership, support, teamwork, vision, motivation, and other similar words. The words are surround by brightly colored office supplies like paperclips, post it notes, and chalk.


leadership Dec 27, 2022

Written by Ava Li, a BRITE youth spokesperson.

L is for listening. 

A good leader doesn’t just drone on and on about their ideas and their ideas only.

They don’t just open their mouth, but they open their ears.

E is for enlightening.

A good leader enlightens their crowd. 

Their message is heartfelt and powerful, inspiring people to take action and do what’s right.

A is for articulate.

How does a leader make their message enlightening?

Well, they thoroughly and accurately express their ideas, giving others a clear message.

D is for determination.

A good leader is determined to succeed.

Not just for themselves, but for the good of others. They work their butts off to achieve goals.

E again. This E is for enthusiastic.

A good leader puts enthusiasm in their work.

They use their enthusiasm to inspire others; they set the example.

Last but definitely not least, R is for responsible and rational.

A good leader takes responsibility for themselves and others. Their ideas have to be rational.

All the previous traits would be put to waste if the entire basis of a leader’s actions made no sense.

All in all, leaders bring others joy and comfort. They bring inspiration. 

They give their love.