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A field of beautiful bright purple flowers spreads out to the horizon, framed by a colorful peach sunset and blue sky with clouds.


resilience Nov 15, 2022

Written by a BRITE young adult spokesperson.

With a world covered in grey,

A heart filled with rage,

I am the flower.

I am the flower in the garden.

The one that was chosen,

Fully blossomed, I stand tall.

Proudly on my own.

With no hand to hold.

I am the flower.

I may not be as needed as the trees.

That’ll give human air;

Just for them to ungratefully breathe.

I am not as small as the grass.

That gets groomed regularly;

Just so the neighbors won’t laugh.

But, I am the flower.

The one that’s handed off

As a gift,

As decoration,

As something to give this world color.

I am the Color of life.

That’ll brighten the night.

My petals will illuminate,

Before I evaporate.

My scent will be welcomed.

My stem will be watered.

I am the flower.