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An illustration of a person with long coral pink hair and blue eyes who is crying. The blue tears run down their face, neck, and pool into a heart shape on the left side of their chest. Their face is making a despondent expression.

Abusive Relationships

advocacy relationship abuse relationships Jun 14, 2023

Written by Sofia Noriega, a Ventura County high school student, featuring artwork by Liv Houser.

Love is blind, 

it is hard to recognize right from wrong sometimes.

So tell me this, 

would you want to have someone insult you so no other 

people would admire your beauty but them?

Would you want to have someone who excessively wants 

you to be by their side?

Guilt trips you into thinking hanging out

with the opposite sex is something you shouldn’t be doing?

Saying things like “If you truly loved me you would…”

Being so controlling over you to the point you have to tell them where you're at, who you're with or when you are leaving. 

Would you want to be with someone who makes you feel like you are always doing something wrong?

Would you want to be with someone who says “I love you,” lying between their teeth only to get you to do things?

Think about this, 

would you want someone to go through this or feel this with someone who you think loves you? 

It is hard to notice these things in a relationship since the only thing you think about is the good happy moments. 

But don’t let that fool you,

because it's your feelings, your heart that you need to protect at all costs.

You're the only one that is capable of that.


If you need help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 or visit Love is Respect for information and resources about healthy relationships and dating.