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All Children Thrive Take a Trip to the Port of Hueneme

all children thrive civic engagement clean air day oxnard port of hueneme Mar 24, 2022

Our All Children Thrive (ACT) team has been busy engaging Oxnard youth and young adults in leadership development and civic engagement! They recently went on a tour of the Port of Hueneme for Clean Air Day. 

Our ACT Program Coordinator, Patty Lau-Cho, had this to say about the field trip:

“The Port of Hueneme tour was an educational and interactive civic engagement event for Oxnard youth. An OUHSD bus transported students from Oxnard Middle College High School and Hueneme High School around the compound to see the process of commerce that enters and departs through the Port for a first hand look at the integral part the Port plays in the global supply chain. Youth also took a walking tour inside facilities to see some of the green technology being developed for the Port to achieve its 100% zero emissions goal; a lesson in environmental justice and sustainability that is pivotal for the health and safety of local residents as well as the world.

Our youth took away a new understanding of how important community outreach by city leaders is to keeping businesses, especially big ones with global impact like the Port of Hueneme, productive and accountable. We are grateful to the Port of Hueneme for the invitation and opportunity our youth received to learn this important part of commerce and city function.”

One of our participants shared about her experience:

“The Port of Hueneme staff and interns did an amazing job giving a tour of the actual port and teaching high school students how the Port plays a huge role in “Clear AirDay,” and every day. As they make cargo go, I learned the Port also protects the environment and maintains community engagement. An activity that stood out to me was having students sit in a conference room and share what they want to be remembered for. This gave young students an opportunity to start thinking about their career goals and learn from staff members about the opportunities the Port has to offer. This experience was much more than I expected!”