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Stories of Resilience

Have you bounced back from something challenging? Remained standing in the wake of hardship? Have you watched someone you love adapt beautifully in the face of tragedy? BRITE is looking for Ventura County residents ages 12-25 who have a story, song, poem, or piece of art to share around RESILIENCE. We are looking for people who want to perform their piece at a live event in Ventura on Saturday 4/30/22. Please see for more information, or email 

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Our BRITE Connections Offering for September

"Party Realities"

September's BRITE Connections livestream was an hour long event featuring a simulated teen drinking party and discussions about the realities of teen drinking culture. This event featured discussions with mental health experts and law enforcement



Our BRITE Connections Offering for May is

"Conversation Around Opioids"

Join us for an hour-long conversation featuring a short interview outlining a family's experience with opioid abuse and addiction, and a discussion with Dr. Stace Nelson-Hicks DACM and Bridge the Gap therapeutic mentoring.



Our BRITE Connections Offering for March is "Overthinking It"

"Overthinking It" is a discussion with youth and a panel of adult experts around mental health and the shared human experience. “Overthinking it” reflects upon what it is to be an over-thinker, and how overthinking can have an effect in your endeavors to achieve your goals.

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“Sobre Pensandolo” es una discusión con jovenes y un panel de expertos adultos en torno a la salud mental y la experiencia humana compartida. “Sobre Pensandolo” reflexiona sobre lo que es ser un sobre pensador, y como sobre pensando puede affectar tus esfuerzos para lograr tus metas.

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Our BRITE Connections Offering for January "EXPRESSIONS OF GENDER"


Knock Knock

BRITE, in collaboration with Give An Hour, Hasty Storytelling, and the Hillcrest Center for the Arts presented a two-part event

Part one consisted of a viewing of a short play about self-harm, “Knock Knock” 

Part two was a live discussion with panel of mental health professionals who took live questions from those who tuned in. 

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Returning to School During Covid

We sat down with students between the ages of 6 and 22 to discuss their views on going back to school in the midst of a global pandemic. Take a look through the eyes of the youth, and then watch a follow-up with mental health professionals and City of Agoura Recreation Staff to discuss coping techniques and healthy outlets.

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Surviving teenage years during a pandemic.


In the October's edition of BRITE Connections, youth spokespersons Chris and Liv become the panelists, and our team of adult advocates for the youth conduct the interview. Tune in for an inside look at surviving teenage years during a pandemic.