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A 3-D virtual environment where we can connect and interact via AVATARS! 

Ventura County youth are helping to develop an amazing space to feature their advocacy messages and BRITE's interactive prevention content.  They are creating wellness centers, sharing their art & video projects, and hosting safe and healthy teen activities.  Watch for family activities and community events such as health and resource fairs.

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Through PhotoVoice, participants use photography to document, reflect upon, and communicate issues of concern, while stimulating social change. 

PhotoVoice end goals are:
1) to enable young people to record and reflect their community’s strengths and concerns,
2) to promote critical dialogue and knowledge about important issues through small group discussions of photographs, and
3) to reach policy makers.

Youth and young adults of color living in Oxnard have been using PhotoVoice to explore racism as a social determinant of health and advocate for change.

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BRITE Connections

Each month, BRITE hosts a live-streamed community discussion about current issues, featuring a panel of experts to share valuable insight.

We believe that through thoughtful and tactful storytelling, we can illuminate difficult-to-discuss topics for the purpose of unity, growth, and healing. Using art and performance to start the conversation, BRITE Connections is an interactive monthly series designed to bring together our community’s youth with our community’s supportive adult members. 

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BRITE is engaging youth and young adults in prevention projects related to these topics. 

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