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Workshops for Middle Schools, High Schools & Colleges

BRITE facilitators are youth engagement and prevention specialists.  Our interactive workshops are favorites of students and teachers alike.  They are adapted for different age groups and are offered in person, through our Zoom, or your platform. We are available to present about our program and workshops to school staff and community partners.

There is no charge to Ventura County schools and organizations through our contracts with VCBH and VCOE.  Outside of Ventura County?  Contact us for pricing or partnership opportunities: [email protected]

Prevention Games

Our most popular and interactive workshops can be played in classrooms or via virtual platforms.  Each participant uses an individual response keypad while playing in teams, keeping everyone engaged in learning and discussion.  We have multiple topics that can be mixed & matched.  Ask about customized topics and tracking.

Media, Marketing, & Your Mind

A modern media literacy discussion exploring social media influences and marketing strategies.  This session raises awareness and promotes critical thinking. The conversation includes educational information about vaping, marijuana, tobacco and their impact on the developing brain and the lives of young people.

Stress Management & Coping Skills

Addressing a topic that young people are frequently requesting, this workshop includes both education and skill development.

Youth Advocacy 

Inspired by prompts, students are supported in expressing their ideas, opinions, stories or needs through the arts and conversations.

Youth to Youth

Through a discussion about social pressures and responses to it, participants explore what they are experiencing and ideas for change.

Youth Media Projects

BRITE team members are available to support your students in their outreach to peers, parents or the community.  We can help with any phase of the projects - concept, planning, script writing, recording, animation, editing, and/or airing and sharing - while focusing on developing their skills and empowering their authentic voices.


A 3-D virtual environment for interaction & learning via AVATARS! 

BRITE World events and challenges can be organized as class or youth group activities, homework or extra-credit assignments. Teachers and leaders can access participation reports, host family activities and even request customized content. BRITE World access is via application only.

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