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Presentations for Adults

BRITE has a variety of presentations for adults (parents, educators, and community members) available in person, through our Zoom, or your virtual platform.


VAPING: What Parents Need to know


Our most popular presentation for parents, educators and other adults shares important information that you need to know about teens and vaping.  Learn about the products, the trends, including nicotine’s impact on the developing teen brain.  We’ll bring hands-on product examples to in-person sessions.



A 3-D virtual environment where we can connect and interact via AVATARS! 


Ventura County youth are helping to develop an amazing space to feature their advocacy messages and BRITE's interactive prevention content.  They are creating wellness centers, sharing their art & video projects, and hosting safe and healthy teen activities.  Watch for family activities and community events such as health and resource fairs.

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BRITE has made this 9 minute video for educators about vaping. 

Share with school staff to increase their awareness and understanding in order to support vape prevention efforts at your school.

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