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Diverse Perception Through the Lens


Do you want to take on this project independently?

See the 4 photography activity ideas below, and click under each to see what other young people have submitted in these categories.  We'd love to have you share your photographs with us. Please include a little statement with your photo submission so we can showcase you. Feel free to include a brief paragraph on how it has made you feel. Email your photographs or any questions to  [email protected] 


Would you rather explore photography and the topics along with others? 

With these creative workshops you will dive into an immersive experience through expressive photography. There are healthy and creative ways to express your uniqueness and showcase what is important to you. We invite you to participate in a social and supportive environment where you can connect with your peers and showcase your creative abilities. We'll encourage you to take photos of influential people or places that have changed your life. We'll experiment with lighting and depth of field and try cool settings on your phone where you can manipulate your scene and make it uniquely yours.  You have a voice that can speak volumes and we want to know you through your art. 

Express your interest via email to [email protected] and we'll get the live Zoom Photography sessions on the schedule: 

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Activity 1 :  Neighborhood

 Where we grow up can have a huge impact on who we are as a person. Your environment can be beautiful and sometimes it can bring up memories of harder times. In this activity we will explore through photos the places around us that have impacted us or have been life changing. Maybe a place where we hang out to avoid peer pressure or a location that brings fond memories. This can also include places that make you feel most at home or where you spend lots of your free time. Please include some dialogue with your photo so we can connect to your experience. We look forward to seeing your creative side and what you come up with.

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Activity 2:   Self Portraits

 A self portrait is more than just a photo of yourself. There is a uniqueness that is special to just you. Through this activity we will explore the self. Facial expressions are one way we share how we are feeling with the world. When we are happy, angry or sad, it is all expressed for others to see. Outside influences can also show on our faces through the emotions that it brings up within us. Show us how you are feeling with a self portrait that best shows off how you are feeling today. Don’t be afraid to show your best side or your flaws. None of us are perfect nor are we here to judge. We want to connect through self discovery and share with our peers. Please include a brief paragraph with your photo so we can know how you connect with your self portrait. 

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Activity 3:   Style

 Clothing and accessories are a cool and fun way to show off your personality. We want to explore your style in this activity by finding that unique look that is special to you and capturing it. Sometimes your style might be similar to your friends and it can also make a statement as to who you are and what you want people to know about you. Sometimes we change our look to hide from the world and sometimes we change it to burst out and let the world know we are here. Let us know how your style expresses how you are feeling and what you want people to know about you. Make sure to include a brief paragraph with your photo telling us about your style.  

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Activity 4:   Passion

There are so many fun and healthy ways to pursue a passion. Whether it is cooking, drawing or even skateboarding. Finding a passion is a great outlet for your emotions and energy. It can be anything that insights joy and motivation in your life.  In this activity we would love to see what drives you and how you get lost in your free time. Feel free to get creative with close up photography or experiment with lighting. We look forward to seeing your amazing passions and what drives you as the awesome individual that you are. Don’t forget to include a brief paragraph about your passion so we can better connect with you.