Scenes, exhibits and activities you will experience at the BRITE World Expo


BRITE Island Paradise

Besides the beaches and palm-trees, our island includes activities designed to support mental health and social emotional learning. Gather around a firepit for conversation prompts, explore different areas of the island to participate in positive and thought provoking interactions.


The Thousand Oaks Youth Commission helped develop mental health and prevention content for the EXPO. Visit Tiki-Hut #1 as a starting place for their educational but FUN scavenger hunt which will have you transporting to and through several other BRITE World scenes.

Pirate Ship

Come aboard if you dare! The pirates (and the Simi Valley Youth Council) have prepared a variety of prevention activities and challenges for you. Search for 25 hidden treasure chests for Vape Prevention questions.  Knock on the Doors of Consequences, click on bottles to learn about the impacts of alcohol. Visit the graveyard for facts about tobacco, drug & alcohol related deaths.  Your avatar gets additional skills and can dance to the music in this scene! 


The Simi Valley Youth Council will host a live event “Taking a Deeper Dive into the Dangers of Vaping” on Friday evening, April 30th at 7:00 pm with fun activities and prizes!

Click For More Info on the April 30 Event

The Library

We’ve been gathering beautiful, insightful and inspiring writings from youth - Poetry, essays, letters to a former self and more.  We’re excited to be sharing these in one of our favorite environments, the BRITE World Library.  Click on a bookshelf and allow the writing to open up for you.  Some include artwork, audio recordings or videos.

The Wellness Center

Oxnard Union High School District students partnered with BRITE and HealthCorp to create this space for sharing resources and ideas in support of mental health. Get tips and tools for well-being, relax in the Zen garden or hang-out with a few friends. Let your avatar sit on the yoga mat while you - the actual you - takes the video yoga class. Try some guided meditations. Teens can request an appointment with a peer mentor here or join group sessions.

Reality Party for Parents

We’ve been hosting Reality Party for Parents events across Ventura County since 2007.  Usually set in an actual home, parents take a tour through a mock teen party to help them be aware of current trends and dangers related to party environments, and to help them have relevant and meaningful conversations with their teens.  We can’t match that experience in a virtual space, but we have set up multiple scenes that you can move through clicking on items and characters to learn important information to help keep kids safe. 


This scene Includes information about drinking games and other risky activities, party drugs, vaping, impaired driving, signs of drug use, tips for family discussion and more.  Parents often ask us if they can bring their kids through the Reality Party with them, and we haven’t been able to accommodate that.  Now you and your kids - well, your avatars - can go to this party together.


Art Gallery

Walk through the galleries of youth advocacy through art and photography.  Our PhotoVoice Oxnard exhibit is featured here exploring Racism as a social determinant of health and other health equity themes.  Click on the Photographs to read and hear what youth and young adults discovered through their process and their voices for change.

Overdose Prevention Arcade

Overdose deaths have surpassed car crashes as a leading cause of death for young adults in the United States.  This scene features a video about Opioids and 8 kiosks, each with important information about overdose prevention related to various substances, including Naloxone overdose reversals and safe drug disposal options.



Some of the Other Scenes and Activities

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Game Room

Fitness Field

Solar System

Scavenger Hunt

Wipeout Challenge

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