BRITE World Health Expo

April 26 through May 31

The Expo will be held in BRITE World’s safe and secure 3-D virtual reality environment and you'll be participating by avatar! The Health Expo features Activities you can do on your own or with others. There will also be Special Events for youth and parents. Registration is FREE for Ventura County youth and families. Join in!

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Workshops for Middle School and High School Classes

BRITE has a variety of workshops available for your classroom, through our Zoom, or your virtual platform.

Our prevention games or our modern media literacy workshop are a great place to start.

Prevention Games

Our most popular and interactive workshops can now be played live via Zoom or your virtual platform.  Ask about customizing topics.

Media, Marketing, & Your Mind

A modern media literacy discussion exploring social media influences and including educational information about vaping and marijuana.

Keeping It 100

Real stories through trauma and tragedy that share how to cope, hold on to hope and draw on your personal and community resources.

Youth Advocacy 

Inspired by prompts, students are supported in expressing their ideas, opinions, stories or needs through the arts and conversations.

Youth to Youth

Through a discussion about peer pressure and responses to it, youth share what they are experiencing, and what adults can do to help. 

Youth Media Projects

BRITE team members are available to support your students in their outreach to peers, parents or the community.  We can help with any phase of the projects - concept, planning, script writing, recording, animation, editing, and/or airing and sharing - while focusing on developing their skills and empowering their authentic voices.







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