A 3-D virtual environment where we can connect and interact via AVATARS! 

Ventura County youth are helping to develop an amazing space to feature their advocacy messages and BRITE's interactive prevention content.  They are creating wellness centers, sharing their art & video projects, and hosting safe and healthy teen activities.  Watch for family activities and community events such as health and resource fairs.

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Youth Wellness Centers

Ventura County youth and young adults are developing spaces for support, resources and activities to promote health and well-being.

Prevention Education Activities

Besides the Overdose Prevention Arcade and the Prevention Arena, BRITE World offers activities that provide opportunities to learn important information through games, challenges, mazes. We can host class "field trips"

Teen Center style games, hang-out spaces, and events

BRITE World features many scenes for connecting and communicating with peers.  There is a board game room with chess, Connect 4 and Reversi, a lounge, places to build with Minecraft style bricks.

Some Sample Scenes

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